Poem: Priestess


If Truth married Law
then his exiled bastard is Blasphemy.
Leave my scales and soul to God,
for I speak to the family of Truth.

Forgive me Lord, for your angels seem mortal, against her saintly glow
Heaven’s gates appear to rust in contrast.
If the birds of paradise harp the afterworld’s sweetest ballad
Her sugarcane laughter is Your devilish attempt at a spoiler.

Like sweet before savory, or a bad conversation, she spoils my appetite
In the most welcome of ways.
For how could I await another life
when the Promised Land is there, in her chocolate eyes?

Her smile is my compass
for she is Love, and that is Your path.
Bring me to her, shower me in her light
Bring me to You, bathe me in the nectar of Your mercy.

Bring me to life, kiss me in the rain of His heaven.